The Technology

SC-Maglev Industries Wind Turbines use Magnetic Levitation Technology.The company's initial products will be 5 megawatt - 100 megawatt wind turbines that float on a cushion of Magnetic field

This system will feature the latest Magnetic Levitation Technology which is currently being used in high speed rail transit in Shanghai, China and lately Germany.The technology consists of a small wind turbine unit which produces enough energy to power 1,000 homes at less than $.01 per kilowatt hour (KWh). SC-Maglev Industries wind turbine incorporates adjustable airfoils that capture more wind (as opposed to blades that deflect wind).

The MAGLEV unit is aided by a Linear Synchronous Motor (LSM) and the near frictionless rotation of the turbines; this technology delivers the maximum amount of energy that wind can provide directly to the power generators. The 10MW-2000MW wind turbines will set the standard in the marketplace and the 2000MW single large unit will power 750,000 homes. The turbine is the first to offer the benefits of MAGLEV wind turbines, which use full-permanent magnets to eliminate friction by "floating" the rotors above the base. This product substantially improves wind energy capacity by as much as 80% over traditional wind mills and may lower wind farm expenses as much as 50%. SC-Maglev Industries has created a new paradigm for wind energy with a strategy to provide affordable long term manageable costs for electricity from environmentally sound renewable energy supplies. The company's goal is to provide customers with affordable, long term manageable costs of electricity based on environmentally sound renewable energy. The supply of wind is not a market driven commodity like coal or oil while other forms of power generation are dependent of speculative demand that lends to the inconsistent cost of materials needed to drive their turbines. SC-Maglev Industries Wind Turbines will significantly reduced land usage compared to the standard wind turbines on the market today.

A field of 500 units of 2MW windmills requires 32,000 acres

A 1GW SC-Maglev Industries wind turbine footprint requires only 100 acres for installation and operation, decreasing massive land lease costs and significant negative environmental impact. SC-Maglev Industries Wind Turbine is positioned to capture a significant share of the market with its advanced technology, pricing and efficiency.

When comparing the cost of a MAGLEV Wind Turbine to the costs of a coal burning power plant the primary drawback is that coal burning power plants produce only 30% of the energy in coal burning while the rest is released in the form of heat and pollution which has been proven to increase global warming.

The above chart is based on data from the US Department of Energy which was used to calculate the cost to construct and operate a 400MW coal burning plant, a similar oil plant, and the MAGLEV Wind Generation Energy Plant. From the chart comparisons one can see that the MAGLEV energy system is far superior to fossil .

Environmental Factors

One of the key attractions of renewable energy sources is their carbon print impact on the environment and while windmills are no exception, there are still some concerns over a wind farm's impact on the environment. Some of these factors include (but are not limited to) location, noise, ecology, dust, visual effects and emissions. Each of these factors are presented in the following table and compared to SC-Maglev Industries design.

Over the past 300 years there have been major discoveries which have changed the world as we know it (for better or for worse). Some of these major discoveries or inventions include the firearm, the printing press, the electric light bulb, the automobile, the airplane, the nuclear bomb, nuclear plants, the computer, the internet, MRI equipment etc.From the beginning of the 20th century man has increased his knowledge tenfold compared to the last centuries and with this knowledge man has made advances in medicine, technology, research, health and in every other facet of life.


Man has also managed to construct massive infrastructures, transportation systems and factories which have damaged our environment and our economies have literally been dependent on fossil fuels. The end result has been catastrophic for the environment, national security and our world economies.SC-Maglev Industries and our MAGLEV electricity generating technology are destined to be the major discovery of the 21st century.This technology will change the world as the internet and the computer have in the 20th century.


Electricity is the lifeblood of world economies and the MAGLEV wind-powered electricity generating plants will replace coal powered and nuclear plants while reducing harmful pollutants and our dependency on fossil fuels. The costs of generating electricity will be reduced dramatically for every nation in the world while increasing efficiency by a minimum of 50% vs. older electric grid systems. We at SC-Maglev Industries are proud of this highly efficient patented technology and we welcome all investors in the assistance of funding the development and production of this Trillion Dollar (high in demand) eco-friendly energy system.


MAGLEV departments

Superconductive Wind Energy, Hydroelectricity projects , Water and Mining , Magnetic Technologies Projects as Vertical Axis Wind Turbines ,Trans-rapid-Trains, MagLev Space Launcher, Magnet-Lift Elevators and our new Agricultural Magnemotion's Quick Stick technology