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Air Disinfection


Industries, Agriculture, Food and Farm Disinfection

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POOLTAB : Swimming Pool Disinfection

STERITAB : Hospitals Disinfection

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Water, Air and Surfaces Disinfection
Chlorine Dioxyde Tablets (CLO2) – Nano Technology.

About Us

Every year, million and million metric tons of chlore are produced all over the World Just for Europe in 2011, around 12 million metric tons have been produced Worldwide, the production of chlore is around 100 million metric tons The disinfection markets in all fields are huge : nothing is more effiscient than the Chlorine dioxide (CLO2) ! GLOBALEX, with its CLO2 tablets, has a unique technology. Easy to use, easy to transport, easy to store, no residues, not harmfull ! The worlwide markets are opened for our tablets. The users are ready to use our tablets : they don’t stand anymore chlore uses. The Globalex CLO2 tablets can be used by Professional or Private people and companies.
  • Chlorine dioxide (ClO2) is a highly effective, eco-friendly disinfectant and microbiocide that carries US EPA, FDA and UK Government approvals for many of its uses. It is a selective oxidant that eliminates both planktonic and sessile bacteria, disinfects surfaces, and rapidly destroys biofilms.
  • Chlorine Dioxide is a small, volatile and very strong molecule consisting of 1 Chlorine atom and 2 oxygen atoms. It is a chemical compound with the formula name: ClO². It has a molecular weight of 67.45 and exists as a gas at normal temperatures and pressurized. Chlorine dioxide exists as a free radical in dilute solutions.
  • Chlorine dioxide is a strong bactericide and virucide at concentrations as low as 0.1 ppm. It eliminates both planktonic and sessile bacteria; disinfect surfaces; and rapidly destroy problematic biofilm.
  • With minimal contact time, it is highly effective against many pathogenic organisms including bacterial spores, Legionella, Tuberculosis, MRSA, VRE, Listeria, Salmonella, amoeba cysts, Giardia cysts, E. coli, and Cryptosporidium. Importantly, chlorine dioxide also destroys biofilm so bacterial re-growth is significantly impeded.
  • Chlorine Dioxide is an oxidizing biocide and not a metabolic toxin. This means that chlorine dioxide kills microorganisms by disruption of the transport of nutrients across the cell wall, not by disruption of a metabolic process.
    Globalex' chlorine dioxide tablets offer a number of significant benefits including:
  • Safe, compact, easy to use tablet release technology, Easy to transport.
  • Easy to use: one tablet release Chlorine dioxide. Don’t have to mix two products before.
  • Ideal and very cost effective for small to medium users of chlorine dioxide.
  • Rapidly create a solution of high purity chlorine dioxide in minutes.
  • Generate chlorine dioxide on demand - only make as much as you need.
  • Cost effective - Requires no equipment, additional precursor chemicals or specialist training.
  • Fully operational on pH-levels between 4 and 10.
  • Corrosive effects less than standard drinking water.
  • No health or environmental hazards.
  • Destroys biofilm so bacterial re-growth is significantly impeded.
  • Highly effective against many pathogenic organisms including bacterial spores, Legionella, Tuberculosis, MRSA, E.coli and more.

Lignes de Produits

SPA and swimming pool treatment

In swimming pools, the most obvious and instant signs of high exposure to chemicals is red eyes, rashes and other skin irritations. The dosages of THMs (carcinogenic waste of chlorine) far exceed what is considered allowable by merely drinking a glass of chlorinated tap water.

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Air disinfection

Globalex Airtab has the widest selection of air treatment product and application knowledge to protect you with correct efficiency. Efficient in hospital, offices, clinics, kindergartens, classrooms, barracks, entertainment venues, public transports, shopping malls and other space

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Potable Water Disinfection

Globalex Cleantab peut être utilisé en combinaison avec le chlore dans les usines municipales de traitement d’eau potable dans le but de réduire les trihalométhanes et HAAs qui pourraient être formés avec le seul usage du chlore. Le dioxide de chlore Globalex Cleantab est rajouté en tant que désinfectant primaire dans le but d’enlever un nombre de composants oxydables sans former de ...

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Industrial disinfection

Oxytab can be used as biocide in many industrial water treament applications including cooling , process water and mill water. Its selective oxidative properties usually results in lower dosages while also achieving improved microbial performance.Oxytab controls odor in two ways: by controlling microorganisms that form odor causing hydrogen sulfide and by destroying hydrogen ...

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Health care disinfection

Steritab releases Chlorine dioxide gas who is a stronger disinfectant than chlorine and chloramine. Ozone has great micro biocide effects, but limited residual disinfection capability. Recent research in the United States and Canada demonstrates that chlorine dioxide destroys enteroviruses, E. coli, amoebae and is effective against cryptosporidium cysts ...

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Ebola virus disease Emergency Prevention Disinfection

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