Past, Present & Future
Mr. Tino CHIDIAC, the CEO, possesses a distinct combination of technology skills and business acumen. Tino is a highly dedicated and energized professional with expertise in defining and executing strategy, new MARKET development, and driving growth. He has delivered profitable with revenues ranging to US$ several million in start-up and turn-around situations. Adding to his unique skill set, Tino has the ability to dive deep into the technology while framing the technical details with the overall business objective. Tino is an executive leader seasoned through periods of rapid growth and turbulent economic times. He has built numerous high performing teams all over the world. His Board of Director’s and Consultancy team are comprised of the top executives of our company, responsible for establishing a strategy and monitoring the overall business..
We are involved and representing several big company in several sectors . Our mission is to provide the best solutions for the common good by leading actions that foster a healthy environment..
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